Knowing a language is not only learning the language itself, but also its culture and traditions. Christmas holidays are quite resembling in every country, but each place has its own differences, and these make Christmas a special and magic season.

We´d like to tell you more about Christmas in Spain. If you´ve been in Spain during Christmas, perhaps you already know our customs or maybe you´ll find out a new and surprising way to looking at this festivity. We´d also like to use this occasion to present you a Christmas vocabulary.

Christmas lottery day (El día de la lotería de Navidad) – (December 22nd)

“La lotería” is part of the Spanish culture. It´s a very generalized tradition. Throughout the year, millions of people “juegan” every single day to “la lotería”, hoping for the day it “toque” and “we make all your wishes come true”.


We play “la lotería” all year round but it´s during Christmas season when almost everyone plays. On December 22nd, the most popular draw of the year is celebrated: the “sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad”. We buy “décimos de lotería” which are tickets that can bring luck into our lives.

This “lotería” can be bought throughout the year; indeed, we are so superstitious that if we travel to another city, we use to buy a “décimo” from that city because we think: “What if it toca here?”

Every family buys their “décimos”, also amongst work partners, friends… In the end you get lots of “décimos de lotería” because when someone offers you a “decimo” you think: ¿What if I don´t buy it and it “toca”?

Although the odds are low, sometimes we believe in la “superstición”, and we buy it anyway.

The day of “la lotería”, many people follow the event on TV, on the radio and on the internet. It´s an exciting morning and everyone is pending the outcome. If you get “el gordo”, you win the first “premio”.

Spanish Christmas lottery tenth

Furthermore, the celebration of this “sorteo” is special because it is carried out by “los niños de San Ildefonso”. This town holds a residence for children who come from socially and economically disadvantaged families and they´ve been singing “lotería” numbers for over three

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What are Fallas?

Las Fallas is a festival held between 15th to 19th March in various locations including Valencia and Denia, although falleros events begin on the last Sunday of February.

We also talk about “Falla” when we refer to “fallero monument” which is a figure several meters high made of high papier-mache, polyurethane or expanded polystyrene. Each Falla has an important significance. This is explained on signs in Valenciano.

What is a mascletá?

It is a pyrotechnic show which is a noisy but rhythmic composition which is included in the celebrations of thousands of locations, especially at Fallas parties. Some mascletàs are musical because they imitate songs and explosions often go from strength to strength, achieving a spectacular finish.

Where did the tradition of mascletàs and firecrackers come from?

It is said that gunpowder was invented in China when the Taoists tried to create a potion for immortality. Then the Arabs brought it when they occupied the Iberian Peninsula in the early thirteenth century. In the late eighteenth century “els mascles” (males, in Castilian) firecrackers were thrown at the feet. The person who could handle the most firecrackers was the “most macho”

Then, began the tradition of tying these firecrackers with ropes and this evolved to the current “mascletà”. Do not miss the mascletàs during these Fallas in Dénia!

Fallas Vocabulary

Check out our presentation with vocabulary and highlights of the Fallas in Denia:


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Happy Fallas to everyone!