Dénia is, for the second consecutive year, the Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy and to celebrate, we want to invite you to a meal with typical Mediterranean food in a highly recommended restaurant.

Enjoy a Spanish course in Denia and try a typical Mediterranean dish for free in Denia!

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Student: Courtney Horwitz

Course: Parent & Child- Spanish Course

I can’t say enough good things about TLCDenia. Maria, Santos, Alex, all of the staff and all of the teachers are excellent. First, the teaching was superb. My husband, 5 year old daughter, and I all attended the family language camp for two weeks. Our Spanish improved and we had so much fun learning. The class my husband and I were in was relaxed, lots of fun conversations with classmates and the teachers but also serious about teaching. The teachers were all very skilled and pleasant to be with.

My 5 year old was in the younger kids camp and she loved it. The teachers were young and energetic and they went on fun adventures around town each afternoon.

Children during their Child & Parent Spanish course in Dénia

The school’s facilities are excellent-comfortable, good wifi, air conditioning, etc. And they are located right in the center of town.

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If you want to talk to the shop assistant in Spain, this vocabulary will help you.


Girl going shopping


Dependiente/a - Shop assistant
Caja - Checkout
Rebajas - Sales
Ocasión/ ganga - Bargain
Recibo - Receipt
Probadores - Dressing room
Talla/ Tamaño - Size

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When you manage to negotiate in Spanish, is when you really have a good level of Spanish or any other language. Maybe you have to do a negotiation in Spanish for your work or even negotiate some personal matter.

Before starting the negotiation in Spanish there are two points to keep in mind:

- Know what you want. You must be very clear about what you want and be sure of your ideas and arguments.

- Know what our interlocutor wants. Get to know your interlocutor and his wishes well. In this way you can anticipate their arguments to be able to defend against them.

Part one: Presentation of arguments


The presentation of arguments must be logically ordered. Be confident with your ideas to show confidence to the interlocutor.

It is necessary to communicate a simple and clear message, to avoid getting lost in the conversation. The most important thing in the negotiation is the climate of trust, because it is the essential condition for a successful negotiation. This context will favour the solution and decision making.

To start, you must present the negotiation topic. You can use these openers:

El tema trata de… The subject is..
El tema que tenemos que tratar es… The issue in question is …
La cuestión que tenemos que tratar es… The topic we have to address is …

Two people speak

To present your opinion in Spanish:

Yo pienso… I think…
Yo creo que… I believe that…
Para mí… For me…
En mi opinión… In my opinion
A mi juicio… In my judgement
Desde mi punto de vista… From my point of view …
Personalmente… Personally…
A mí me parece que… It seems to me that…

Add more points:

Además… Furthermore..
Por otro lado… On the other hand…
Por otra parte… On the other hand…
Incluso… Including / even

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Learn about Easter in Spain and Spanish vocabulary.

How is Easter celebrated in Spain?

In Spain, Easter (Semana Santa) is a religious celebration when the brotherhoods (cofradías)  organize processions (procesiones) in which the Nazarenes (nazarenos) or penitents (penitentes) take statues to the street.

Here is some vocabulary for Easter in Spain:

Spanish Easter Procession in Denia

Semana Santa: Holy Week.
Procesiones: religious processions during Holy Week.
Pasos: sacred images which are carried during a procession of Holy Week.
Nazarenos o penitentes: accompanies the ´pasos´ in the processions of Holy Week.


Some of the most noteworthy cities in Spain for their Easter celebrations are Seville, Malaga, Cuenca, Valladolid, Zamora, Leon, Salamanca, Cartagena, Hellín and many more throughout the Spanish geography that are declared Fiestas of International Tourist Interest .

In the province of Alicante these include Easter in Orihuela, Easter in Crevillente and Palm Sunday Procession in Elche. Continúe leyendo