Our teachers are native speakers and specialists in language teaching. At TLCdénia we believe that a high standard of teaching methods is crucial to the learning process of our students. With this in mind, all our teachers have been carefully selected.

Our team is made up of dynamic teachers with many years of experience, who do their upmost to make their student’s stay in Spain an enjoyable one.

Continuous and complimentary training is paramount to staff development at TLCdénia as the world of education is constantly evolving. Therefore, we do our best to keep up with the technological advances in the classroom and the new resources available.

In addition to teaching languages, our teachers will try to help you with whatever you need to make your time at the school an enjoyable experience.



School director at TLCdénia Spanish schoolFounder and Director. 30 years of experience in teaching languages.

Qualified in business management and administration. A language enthusiast and currently Chairperson of FEDELE Spain (Association of Spanish schools accredited by the Instituto Cervantes).

“I’m always committed to continually imporoving quality and excellence in all the services that TLCdénia provides in order to exceed the expectations of our students.”



Head of studies Spanish department

Director of Studies, teacher and ELE DELE examiner
Degree in English Language

“I love being in contact with people from around the world and being able to teaching my students all about our culture and traditions.
Dénia is the perfect place to learn Spanish and its surroundings are ideal for everyone. We hope to see you soon at TLCdénia!”
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Teacher Antonia Pacheco
Teacher of Spanish and DELE examiner
Over 25 years experience in teaching Spanish

“Learning is a gift, helping someone to learn is a privilege and at TLCdénia we are fortunate to share this experience with you.”

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Teacher of Spanish Beatriz

Teacher of Spanish and DELE examiner
Degree in Modern Linguistics, specializing in German.

“Being a Spanish teacher at TLCdénia is a unique experience. I love teaching Spanish in a dynamic and fun way. The Spanish language is not only about learning grammar rules, but instead it’s a way of being, feeling and expressing yourself. In Denia you will feel at home.
Come study with us!”
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Teacher of Spanish Patricia

Teacher of Spanish DELE examiner and English teacher
Degree in English Language and a Master’s Degree in teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language.

“Why study Spanish at TLCdénia?
Because you’ll feel at home, you’ll have a great time with teachers and peers, and especially because you will learn a lot of Spanish and put into practice what you have learned when outside the classroom.
Don’t think twice about it and try out the experience for yourself soon!”
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teacher of Spanish at TLCdenia school

Teacher of Spanish and DELE examiner 
Degree in English Philology and a Diploma in Teaching English.

“I love teaching Spanish and especially focusing on communicating in the real world, the culture, cinema and art. At TLCdenia we are like one big family and we like our students to feel like they are a part of this.”
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Spanish and English teacher at TLCdénia school

Teacher of Spanish and English 
Degree in English Studies

“What i like the most about my job is being able to give them the key that will allow them to open thousands of doors around the world and will help them fulfill their dreams.”


Spanish and English teacher at TLCdénia school

Teacher of Spanish and English 
Degree in English Studies

“My biggest motivation as a teacher is to arouse curiosity among the students to learn a language that let them know the world and culture. That is why my lessons are focused on communicative aspects, so that students can apply them in real life.”




Administration Eva

Head of Administration

“Here in administration we endeavor to answer all student questions about courses, activities, the town, where to buy things, how to get around …If you’re curious, we can probably help you!”

‘I have no special talents, but I am deeply curious’. (Albert Einstein)


Alex Doldan from Administration team at TLCdenia school

Quality Improvement and Student Service
Degree in Finance and Management

“I find it fascinating just how quickly students learn languages. Many arrive without knowing a word and leave speaking the language studied.

Best of all is that they can see their own progress and do not want to stop learning.”


Maria Marketing at TLCdenia school

Degree in Journalism

“We work hard so that our foreign students can feel at home in Dénia.
Moreover, here at the school foreign students have the opportunity to meet Spanish-speaking students from all over the world, learning about their culture along the way. It’s really nice to see!”


Santos at TLCdenia school
Accommodation Advisor

“We pay attention to each and every detail of the services we provide: high quality teaching, comfortable accommodation for our students and a one-to-one service.”


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