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Acccommodation in a shared flat is an option for those students who prefer an affordable option, also giving them the chance to meet new people and to practice different languages at home.  You have your own room and share all the communal areas: the sitting room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet…

Some of our flats have Spanish students that live in the flat, which offers the opportunity to practise Spanish at home.

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prices: shared flat

Shared flat (LOW SEASON)

Price per week*
Single room: 120€/week (+5 weeks - 90€/week )
Double room: 100€/week (+5 weeks - 80€/week )
Extra day: 35€ (single) - 25€ (double)
*Check prices for monthly rental
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Shared flat (HIGH SEASON)

Price per week*
HIGH SEASON (28th June - 22nd August)
Single room: 1 week/170€
Double room: 1 week/135€
Extra day: 35€ (single) - 25€ (double)
*Check prices for monthly rental
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Those students that for different reasons need extra days, there will be an extra cost per day. We offer various shared flats, which can not be chosen as student accommodation is subject to availability.

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We are very close to the school.

Click on the map beow to check the distance to the school. 


common areas:

Not included:

Shared Flat cohabitation rules:

You are staying in shared accommodation which here by bounds you to respect the following cohabitation rules:

The communal areas of the flat must remain clean and tidy at all times. Please keep all personal belongings in your room

In the kitchen it is essential that all cutlery, crockery, utensils and the cooker be cleaned after each use. The table must be clean and clutter-free, and the floor swept. This way the following person to use the kitchen will find it fit for use.

The bathroom must be left clean and tidy after each use. Both the washbasin and the shower must be rinsed clean after use.

You are obliged to reach an agreement on the communal housework tasks, such as taking out the rubbish and cleaning the communal areas, with your fellow flatmates. We recommend that you take it in turns doing the previously mentioned tasks.

If you want to use the cleaning products and washing machine detergent available in the flat, please either replace the products used or leave the relevant money.

Please look after your keys. If you lose them you will have to purchase a new set. The fine for this is 25€. When you vacate your room on the last day of your stay, please leave your keys in an envelope in your room.

The television and music system volume must be set at a level that will not disturb the neighbours, especially during the hours of 3pm and 5pm and at night between 11pm and 8am.

Friends are not allowed to stay in the flat without prior authorisation from the school. Any additional occupants will incur extra room, bed linen, water and electricity costs.

On the last day of your stay you must vacate your room no later than 10:00am. The cleaners need to prepare the room/flat for the following student/s. If you wish to remain in the flat because your flight has been delayed, you can leave your belongings in the communal areas until your departure.

Please remember an enjoyable environment is created by all.

We appreciate your understanding and collaboration.

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