Student: Roma Lily Bourne
Course: Spanish for children Mini-group
Check our programme of Spanish for children here

TLCdenia, a fantastic language school…. in a great location. Our 6 year old daughter loves it here. We were nervous when we first enrolled her, as we had never left her with anyone other than family or school.

The staff especially “Maria and Kevin” could tell we were nervous and they were fab, they really went out of their way to explaining her day and what she would be doing and put us at ease. Her smile at the end of her first day said it all. She had had such a great day. Kevin’s art and craft skills are as good as any “Blue Peter” presenter! Our LG Spanish is coming along nicely and we have booked for April next year. Can’t wait to go back!!!

Thank to all at TLCdenia for making us feel so welcome and for looking after our LG!

Cindy and Alan Bourne - Essex (UK)

You can see some pictures of Roma during the activities in her programme Spanish mini-group below:


Roma during her visit to the castle with the teacher:


Roma before starting her Spanish lessons at school:


Roma during the activities part of her programme: Spanish for children Mini-group


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