Denia is a small Spanish town between Alicante and Valencia located on the coast and framed by a unique natural park. Students can enjoy the sea and mountains at the same time, which makes Dénia a special destination to visit all year round.

10 advantadges of studying Spanish in Denia in winter:

1. In these cooler months, Denia temperatures range between 10 and 19 degrees, which provides a pleasant atmosphere and perfect weather for any outdoor activity.

2. It is quieter than in the summer, but no less active and full of unique entertainment for all ages.

fountain in Denia“La Glorieta” with sun in the center of Dénia

3. There are fewer tourists and more locals which allows for further Spanish practice with native speakers. The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Denia make this a welcoming destination. Going to the markets, the bars and restaurants and enjoying the nightlife is essential for learning Spanish.

Two students of Spanish speaking in Denia's streetsStudents of Spanish practising Spanish in Denia’ streets with locals

4. It is surrounded by nature. At this site the students can not only enjoy the 20 miles of coastline but also the natural beauty of both Denia and nearby towns. Students can go hiking in the Natural Montgo Park, in the mountains of Segaria, or Bernia with its ´Forat´ path which offers beautiful views of the bay of Benidorm.

mountain close to denia, SpainWonderful picture of “Ruta de senderismo Forat de Bernia”*.

*Picture source: Sol de invierno

5. This is a city for sailing enthusiasts. In Denia students can sail all year round. There is the option to rent a boat with or without a skipper.

Boat in Denia, spainIn Denia you can sail all year round.

6. It is also ideal for golfing. Dénia hosts “La Sella Golf” golf course which is internationally recognized for its excellent conditions for playing golf all year round which makes it suitable for players of all levels.

7. The amazing surroundings. As well as enjoying this beautiful town students can enjoy the nearby charming villages. It is a pleasure to take a car trip to enjoy the spectacular scenery of towns like Castell, Jalon or Llíber or walk through Vall de Ebo, Gallinera, De Alcala De Vall or Laguar with its romantic fountains and small waterfalls.

small town close to denia, spainCastell de Castell, one of the charming towns around Denia cercanos

8. It has a rich cuisine. Denia is home to the prestigious restaurant “Quique Dacosta” awarded three Michelin stars and which is a candidate for “City of Gastronomy of UNESCO”. Furthermore, it is an ideal city for tapas. Its restaurants organize ´tapas tours´ which allow students to visit various bars and try different tapas at affordable prices.

Typical dish in Denia, gamba rojaWinner of III International Competition “Cocina creativa de la Gamba Roja de Dénia”

The fish is of high quality in Denia. Students can visit the fish market in the evenings and watch the fishing boats enter the harbour then see the fish auction take place, while taking advantage of the opportunity to buy fish fresh from the sea.

Denia and the surrounding areas have a wonderful wine-making tradition. Particularly noteworthy are the wines of Jalon and the vineyards in Teulada so students have to make sure they give them a try. They can also sample other regional products such as cherries from the mountains of Alicante and the wiof Marina Alta.

9. In Denia it is possible to study Spanish in a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute. Schools that have this accreditation meet the quality standards required by the Cervantes Institute, which ensures students have chosen a professional and quality school.

DELE official spanish exam in deniaDELE exams take place

10.The opportunity to take the DELE exams. In Dénia not only can students improve their language skills, but they can also prepare for the official exam. The DELE exams (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) take place in Denia.

These 10 reasons are more than enough to make the right choice and take advantage of the winter months to learn this wonderful language.


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