Kids love computers, phones and tablets, and would spend hours playing with these devices if they could.

What if we use this hobby to encourage them to learn Spanish while enjoying playing?

If you come to learn Spanish in Spain, in Denia this summer, enourage your children to learn Spanish with these applications and they will be more motivated for the course:

1. Busuu Kids (Busuu for children) 

Apps to learn Spanish for children

Busuu to download the APP Kids / Children Busuu

It is an application for children aged between 4 and 7 years. Children play in a garden and learn Spanish thanks to 30 units including vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation.




2. “Lee Paso a Paso” (Learn to Read Spanish Step by Step)

Apps to learn Spanish for childrenApp-Spanish-childrenn Download here Footsteps Lee APP / Learn to Read Spanish Step by Step

With this app children can learn to read in Spanish. The alphabet, consonants, vowels, sounds and pronunciation in Spanish needed to begin to read in this language.




3. Learn to read and write in Spanish for Android

Apps to learn Spanish for childrenDownload this link APP Learning to read and write in Spanish

With this application calligraphy works; learn to perform the strokes of the letters, study numbers and syllables, in addition to drawing. This application is a first contact for children to learn to write in Spanish.




4. Spanish Games for iPad and iPhone

Apps to learn Spanish for childrenDownload here the Spanish Games App

With this application for Android and iPhone children learn Spanish by associating the spoken words with funny videos and photos. They learn to pronounce through repetition.

Applications are an ideal way to encourage children to learn Spanish and practice at home while having fun. This summer they can learn Spanish in Spain at our school in Denia; have a look at the Spanish programs for children.



Do you know more Spanish applications for children? Have your kids used any of these? Tell us your experience!


  1. Lucy
    Posted 25 marzo, 2016 at 15:41 | Permalink

    ¡Linda página!

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