While being in class you may find some exercises more difficult than others. After all, every student has to face this problem. Don’t worry about that! We are all human and as human beings, we learn things in different ways. To learn Spanish it’s a great help to know what your learning style is.



Make this short test and find out what type of learner you are:

1. When I study for an exam …
A – I read the information and memorise them
B – I read the questions in a low voice
C – I underline and mark the information

2. I’m better at …
A – reading
B – speaking
C – using my hands

3. When I cook …
A – I look for new recipes
B – I ask friends for ideas
C – I mix some ingredients together

4. If I get lost, I …
A – search for a map
B – ask somebody
C – walk around until I find the way by myself

5. At the weekend I rather like to …
A – watch a movie
B – see a concert
C – go to the gym


Now, check your results and read below what learning type you are and what you can do to learn better.

Mostly A’s?

visual learner English

You are a visual learner. 29% of the people are like you. You understand and remember things by sight.

Sit near the front of the classroom and concentrate in overviews given. Use the vocabulary and illustrations in your text book to memorise the information.


Mostly B’s?

auditory learner English

You are a auditory learner. 34% of the people are like you. You learn by hearing and listening.

Luckily, there are several opportunities to listen to Spanish: In the classroom, on the street, with the aid of audio books and songs. Repeat what you hear and your pronunciation will rapidly improve.

Mostly C’s?

tactile learner English

You are a tactile learner. 37% of the people are like you. You learn by touching and doing.


Underline, mark and write all information given again. Participate in activities that involve touching, building, moving, or drawing. With the aid of roleplaying you’ll remember the vocabulary even better.



At TLCdénia we plan our Spanish intensive courses to cover all of these aspects, so you have the opportunity to learn in a way that suits you best.

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