Living with a family can be very interesting to get to know the Spanish way of life. It allows you ithin the home, the customs, the food, ways of enjoying yourself and, above all, you can practice Spanish out of the classroom. You are just another member of the family.

We have links with a number of trustworthy and experienced families which are 5-15 minutes walk from the school.

We offer single and double rooms. If you want to share a room with someone it has to be a relative or friend. You can choose between bed + breakfast, half board and full board.

It is not necessary to bring your own towels for the bathroom, but if you need towels at the beach, please bring your own. There will be bed linen in the apartment, too.

See the pictures of the Homestays for students.

HomeStay (price per person)
Spanish guest family Half Board Full Board
Duration 1 week Extra day 1 week Extra day
Spanish family
(single room)
195 € 35 € 225 € 40 €
Spanish family
(double room)
175 € 30 € 200 € 35 €


Shared flat
Private city appartment
Private city appartment beach

See conditions and information for homestays.