We have received a report about two students of Spanish who came to TLCdenia to study. They prefer not to publish pictures of themselves but they share nice pictures they took in their stay.

Experiences of students in TLCdénia Spanish courses

Picture took in a excursion to Las Rotas beach

““We took Denia and especially the language school TLCdénia deep into our hearts. We will definitely come back to spend the cold period of the year in the described area. We want to continue learning the Spanish language. It is not only fun, but it also opens countless possibilities. Apart from the tourists outside the tourist areas you get in contact with many friendly people from the whole area.””

Approximately 500 million speak Spanish worldwide. In Spain there are about 45 Million. Our aim was to find a course near to Germany. That is why we chose a course in Spain, Europe. In summer we have reasonable weather conditions within the time period of April to October. Therefore our plan was to use the months November to April. The area between Valencia and Alicante is predestined for that time period. In comparison to other European countries the climatic conditions are ideal; except for the Canary Islands, where we do not want to stay for a longer period.

Students of Spanish in the Montgo

“We enjoyed the amazing views on the top of the Montgó”

Good friends of ours know Spain very well and advised us to choose Denia. The plan was to rent a flat and find a suitable language school. Difficulties in doing the preliminary research work nearly caused the project to fail. We received an enormous amount of emails on real estate offers and agents of language schools. Sometimes schools have even been offered several times. That made our project very difficult. We were nearly about to abandon, but then we received an email from the language school TLCdénia.

The email was sent by Tade Köhn, a german who works in the administration. After we had a direct contact, we flew to Alicante and took a rental car to Denia. Together with Tade Köhn we could define the basic conditions in German language. He also offered us several flats. The decision for Denia, school and flat was quickly made and approved as positive.

In November and December we stayed in Denia for 7 weeks; 6 weeks with a 6 hours language course per day. In February and March we went to Denia again. This time 6 weeks in total; 5 weeks of language course with up to 7 lessons per day. The class took place in small groups. All the teachers have been highly competent and notably friendly. Our class mates have been very motivated to learn the Spanish language. The atmosphere was very good.

Useful information about studying Spanish in Denia, Spain:

- Has approximately 40.500 inhabitants.
- A vibrant and charming city, where a lot is going on.
- Denia has several shopping facilities.
- Even in winter the gastronomy is very satisfying (some restaurants even offer special winter prices, which make the winter months even more attractive).
- Compared to other Spanish cities Denia has a generous set up. Wide streets with a small, charming historic center.
- The landscape of Denia is defined by a 750m high hill, called Montgo. It is comparable with the table mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
- Denia is ideally located between Alicante and Valencia; thus even in winter time it is easily reachable.
- Denia has a big port. Daily ferries leave to the Balearic Islands. The yachting harbour offers a great ambience and diversified gastronomy.”

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