Students are required to inform their host families well in advance of when they will arrive in Dénia and at approximately what time.

Reception and interaction:
By offering to host a student the family must accept and treated that student as though they were another family member. The family must engage the student in conversation and provide the opportunity for them to take part in cultural events that will promote understanding and integration into the Spanish life in and around Dénia.

The student’s bedroom must be fully furnished as so to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. The student must keep their room and the bathroom clean and tidy. Student must not smoke their room unless they have the express consent of the family.

Food and allergies:
The family is under no obligation to serve breakfast outside the agreed schedule. Breakfast will be mainly Spanish style (fruit juice, coffee, toast, jam, etc).

If the student requires a particular type of diet or food, or if they have allergies or other requirements, the host family must be notified prior to their arrival.

The student cannot cook without the family’s approval but they are allowed to prepare coffee, tea, snacks or a sandwich.

The student is allowed a small space in the fridge.

The student’s clothing should be washed in the washing machine once a week.

You should let the student know when they should have their clothes ready for washing and ironing. The student is responsible for separating their clothing and they should make it known if any item should be treated with special care.

Water and electricity:
The student must use the water and the electricity responsibly. The student may use personal appliances sparingly. Students must take care of and keep in good condition all the things that the family will provide them with and the things that are in the home. With regards to breakages, losses or damages, the student is liable for the cost of repairs or replacement.

The student should be provided with their own set of house keys. If these are lost then the student is liable for the cost of a replacement set.

The student must respect the rules of the house. No noise is allowed between 12am and 8am. During this time they cannot listen to music, watch television or do any activity that may disturb the peace.

Only students of 18 or over are allowed to stay out all night. In this case they must inform the family in advance of their plans. Younger students are not allowed to leave the house after dinner, except with special permission from the student’s parents.

No visitors are allowed.

Contact and procedures in case of an emergency:
The student is required to notify the family on arrival of how to proceed in case of an emergency (allergies, special needs, health insurance, how to contact the student’s family, etc).

The student must provide the host family with their mobile phone.

Possible problems:
If difficulties arise, the student and the host family must maintain a constructive dialogue at all times in order to resolve the problem in the best possible way for all parties involved.

Failure by the student to adhere to these rules or any bad behaviour will immediately result in them having to leave the house without a refund.

In case there are problems between the student and the host family, they should inform the school to study the case and proceed to a family change.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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