To completely learn Spanish it is essential to pack your bags and visit Spain where the language you are learning is spoken. More often than not this is the only way students learn to speak it naturally. But to get the full benefit from the experience you must do more than just attend Spanish courses, you must immerse yourself in that country’s culture and interact with Spanish native speakers.

If you come to Dénia because you want to follow Spanish courses in Spain, we recommend that you follow these tips in order to practice the language as much as possible:

1. Take part in the activities organized by the TLCdénia Spanish school, and why not keep in touch with classmates outside the classroom? This will help you to continue communicating in Spanish for longer.

2. Visit the town’s hot spots, for example Dénia’s street markets (Mondays in Torrecremada from 8.30 to 14 h, the fruit and vegetable market in Magallanes Street on Friday mornings 9-14 h, close to the Municipal Market or the second-hand market in La Via street also on at the same time).

Spanish students in Denia market Spanish students in Denia market

3. Go out to bars and restaurants. Listening to native Spanish speakers having informal conversations whilst enjoying some tapas will teach you many colloquial expressions, and will also sharpen your understanding of the language.

Spanish students going for tapas in Denia, Spain Students of Spanish going for tapas in Denia

4. Take part in salsa classes. Although dancing is not everyone’s strong point, going along to salsa classes organized by several of the town’s pubs (like Dorian Gray or Saladin) will help you socialize and learn Spanish.

Students of Spanish in salsa lessons in denia, spain Students of Spanish in salsa lessons

5. Take a guided tour. The town offers a wide range of sightseeing tours: Dénia throughout the millennium, Stories of the castle, Dénia’s gastronomy and a sea of pirates. For reservations, please contact the Tourist Office.

6. Hiking in a group. Enjoy guided hiking trails or cycle routes arranged by different organizations and companies.
Practicar_espanol_Denia7. Take advantage of Dénia’s cultural events: live music, theater, monologues, exhibitions, lectures, films, to name but a few.


8. Take part in the Spanish-English language exchange programme organized by TLCdénia and you will meet native speakers wishing to practice various languages. These conversations will greatly help to improve your fluency.

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The last and perhaps the most important tip is to always keep the desire to continue learning going and to keep yourself motivated. So take advantage every available opportunity to practice Spanish in Dénia!


Student of Summer Spanish course for juniors Nationality: English

During 2 weeks in summer I had the chance to study Spanish in TLCdénia. I came with a friend and we loved it!

Everyone in the school is very friendly; the teachers make the lessons interesting by talking about current affairs and giving you the opportunity to learn in a method that is best suited for you. Our class liked to practice speaking and listening.

The classes are interesting and of course very useful, and after you can practice whatever you just learnt in class with friends or if you are staying with a spanish family you can practice with them too. After class there are trips that you can sign up for- it is not obligatory but they are really fun and give you more chance to practice speaking spanish.

I loved these trips. Unfortunately I had a minor injury on one of these trips, however, everyone at the school was very helpful and took care of it.

They took me to the doctor and red cross and made sure I was alright. At TLCdenia I learnt a lot and it improved my Spanish a lot, but was also really fun and I was able to make many new friends from all over the world; learning more, not only about the spanish culture, but also of the countries of the great friends you can make there.

It is a great experience with amazing people and an amazing school. :)

Rebecca Brahde

Estudiante de español de verano programa de juniors Nacionalidad: inglesa

Durante dos semanas de verano tuve la oportunidad de estudiar español en TLCdénia. ¡Vine con una amiga y nos encantó!

Todo el mundo en la escuela es muy simpático; las profesoras hacen las clases muy interesantes, hablando sobre temas de actualidad y dándote la oportunidad de aprender el método que más te conviene. En nuestra clase practicamos mucho la conversación y la audición.

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Students from United States- Intensive Spanish course 20

Brad and Karin are two students from Chicago, United States. The chance to study Spanish in Dénia came by chance when they arranged a house exchange between Els Poblets and Chicago. They finished their three months in the Spanish school TLCdénia and now they have told us about their experience.


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“Estudiar en TLCdénia es la mejor oportunidad para aprender español. En clase tú no sólo hablas sino vives el español.

Las profesoras te ayudarán a sentirte bien y cómodo en los grupos adecuados a tu nivel. Te encontrarás como entre amigos y no te verás como extranjero.

Con TLCdénia tú puedes conocer la historia de España gracias a su programa de actividades. El español entra en tu vida con canciones, películas y fiestas. Y finalmente tú puedes sentirte como “una española hecha y derecha” :)

Por Alla (estudiante de español)

Javier_Artes_post“La experiencia que tuve como alumno en TLCdénia fue muy gratificante, aprendí algo de inglés y eso que era el peor alumno y mi nivel era el más bajo de toda la clase.

Me agradó el ambiente, el compañerismo y el trató del personal y profesora de la academia. Pero no es simplemente las clases, es las actividades que hacíamos fuera de la academia, como ver el castillo, ir a tomar algo y jugar en la playa, cenas, montar en bicicleta, y más. Es una experiencia que tengo que volver a repetir”

Por Javier Artés (estudiante de inglés)