Students from United States- Intensive Spanish course 20

Brad and Karin are two students from Chicago, United States. The chance to study Spanish in Dénia came by chance when they arranged a house exchange between Els Poblets and Chicago. They finished their three months in the Spanish school TLCdénia and now they have told us about their experience.


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1. Who are you? Please, introduce yourselves!Family-students-Morris

Andrew: We are the Morris-Spaeth family from Munich. I am Andrew, the father, there is Martina, the mother, and our two children Oscar, 6, and Emily, 8. Oscar is starting elemantary school in September and Emily will enter third grade. I am (Andrew) from London, England, and I have been living in Munich for ten years.

2. Why did you decide on taking a Spanish language course in your holidays?

Oscar: Because I want to learn Spanish!!

Martina: We have been going to Spain for holidays for many years (Mallorca) and both children have been interested in learning Spanish so this year we decided that we could try and participate in a Spanish course. It is our first one abroad. Our kids have attended some kindergarden spanish courses in Munich ( organized by the Instituto Cervantes).

Therefore we already had an idea of what it would be like learning Spanish in a course environment.

My personal reason for doing this was that it’s very hot in August, when we go on holidays and I liked the idea of spending part of the day in climatized rooms. I didn’t want my family to spend the whole day on the beach because it might be too boring and even bad for your health.

It seemed a perfect way to combine a relaxing beach holiday and studying Spanish. We would not have to cut back on our beach holidays, because we still have enough time to go to the beach. Even Oscar doesn’t feel he’s being deprived of his swimming-pool time!

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We have received a report about two students of Spanish who came to TLCdenia to study. They prefer not to publish pictures of themselves but they share nice pictures they took in their stay.

Experiences of students in TLCdénia Spanish courses

Picture took in a excursion to Las Rotas beach

““We took Denia and especially the language school TLCdénia deep into our hearts. We will definitely come back to spend the cold period of the year in the described area. We want to continue learning the Spanish language. It is not only fun, but it also opens countless possibilities. Apart from the tourists outside the tourist areas you get in contact with many friendly people from the whole area.””

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