Student: Mirka Savolainen
Course: Spanish intensive 20

Greetings from Finland!


Mirka Savolainen with her daughter Erin in Denia

I attended an Erasmus+ -language course in TLCdenia, between 23.5 and 27.5 at 9.30-12.45 every day, 20 hours altogether. I was given an online Spanish level test prior to my trip and so when I arrived, I was assigned to a group that had approximately the same level of Spanish with me. The other students were lovely –Katya and Claudia and I liked the school and the teacher Beatriz very much.

Before the course I knew, that I had problems with using the past tenses, as I have almost always just used the present tense, but on the course I was able to tackle this issue. We studied the use of conditional on some of the days which was very useful for combining many of the Spanish tenses and putting them into use. We also studied the indirect style of reported speech and some colloquial expressions and proverbs and we also did a couple of listening excercises and homework tasks. The learning approach was very communicative and we were able to ask a lot of questions from the teacher regarding the Spanish culture and places to visit in Denia and the surroundings. The whole course was in Spanish and I enjoyed the challenge of communicating and being understood in Spanish without using English or Finnish.

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Students of Spanish “Parent and Child Programme”
Nationality: German


Claudia & Lisa with their hostfamily at school

“We have been back in Germany for almost 4 weeks and we are still talking a lot about our time visiting your school.

We had fantastic 2 weeks in Denia. The school is very nice, with a lot of light and nice classrooms. The teachers are very professional and friendly and I learned a lot at your school.

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After 5 weeks doing a Spanish course and an intership in TLCdénia, Moritz shares his testimonial:


Our intern an student of Spanish Moritz

The Erasmus Internship programme
In August 2015 I learned about the possibility to get a sponsorship on behalf of the ERASMUS Program of the European Union. The sponsorship supports an internship in a foreign country, which I decided to do in Spain.

How I got the internship
First I needed to find a company to take me for an – at least 4-weeks – internship. I found TLCdénia and applied. Mari Carmen, the director of the language school answered my application mail instantly and invited me for a Skype-interview in order to get to know each other and to sort out how an internship could be realized.

The interview went great but in order to take full advantage of the time, Mari Carmen recommended that I stay at least 8 weeks. Although I would have loved to, I could only negotiate 6 weeks with my company in Germany.

The internship was fixed to begin at 21st of March and so I waited for the time to come. In this period I studied a little bit of Spanish, so I wouldn’t arrive completely unprepared. I also had time to prepare all the documents for the sponsorship of the Erasmus Program and the necessary insurances.

My first day
The first day of the internship was at hand. I grabbed my uncles bike and arrived at the school at 9:30am as agreed. As soon as I arrived I came to know that I was able to join the morning course Spanish A2. Of course I accepted this offer and got to know the first teacher – and colleague of mine – Antonia. She was able to break down any barrier a student might have and taught the language in a very humorous way which helped to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere.

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student-spanish-steveStudent of Spanish course Intensive 20

“For my introduction to learning Spanish, TLCdenia proved to be the right choice. They demonstrated friendliness and professionalism from the first point of contact and this continued throughout my time at the school. They take time to address your individual requirements to structure appropriate teaching and encourage students to become involved in extra curricular activities such as the weekly language exchange. The school facilities are bright and comfortable creating a warm and stimulating environment.”

Steven McLean Davidson


Student of Summer Spanish course for juniors Nationality: English

During 2 weeks in summer I had the chance to study Spanish in TLCdénia. I came with a friend and we loved it!

Everyone in the school is very friendly; the teachers make the lessons interesting by talking about current affairs and giving you the opportunity to learn in a method that is best suited for you. Our class liked to practice speaking and listening.

The classes are interesting and of course very useful, and after you can practice whatever you just learnt in class with friends or if you are staying with a spanish family you can practice with them too. After class there are trips that you can sign up for- it is not obligatory but they are really fun and give you more chance to practice speaking spanish.

I loved these trips. Unfortunately I had a minor injury on one of these trips, however, everyone at the school was very helpful and took care of it.

They took me to the doctor and red cross and made sure I was alright. At TLCdenia I learnt a lot and it improved my Spanish a lot, but was also really fun and I was able to make many new friends from all over the world; learning more, not only about the spanish culture, but also of the countries of the great friends you can make there.

It is a great experience with amazing people and an amazing school. :)

Rebecca Brahde

Estudiante de español de verano programa de juniors Nacionalidad: inglesa

Durante dos semanas de verano tuve la oportunidad de estudiar español en TLCdénia. ¡Vine con una amiga y nos encantó!

Todo el mundo en la escuela es muy simpático; las profesoras hacen las clases muy interesantes, hablando sobre temas de actualidad y dándote la oportunidad de aprender el método que más te conviene. En nuestra clase practicamos mucho la conversación y la audición.

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