What do you think of when you hear “Spanish food”? You may think of Paella and Churros, but there are so many dishes that are typical for Spain and especially for Valencia! We have created a list of delicious spanish dishes that are worth a try. Make sure to try them while studying Spanish at our school!


Spanish tomato soup

is dish is made by blending together the ripest tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, bread, cucumber and peppers. This is then served in glasses or bowls after being chilled in the fridge. This makes for a very refreshing soup or drink. It is very popular in Andalucia, Southern Spain and most people have it every day during summer and you can always find a jug on the counter in tapas bars. In Cordoba they have a similar but thicker version which you need to try. It is often served with chunks of Iberico ham on top.



Spanish meatballs

This is a very typical item on any tapas menu, albondigas, or meatballs in tomato sauce, can be found all over Spain. An alternative, but equally tasty, version consists of serving the meatballs with an almond sauce, without tomatoes.


Spanish churros with chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth then you will love churros con chocolate! These long, fried, sugary sticks of dough are served with a cup of thick Spanish hot chocolate for dipping the churros.

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Today Denia is, more than ever, the food tourism destination par excellence, thanks to its recent recognition as Creative City of Unesco.
The gastronomy of Denia is part of this club of culinary elite along with other cities from around the world that stand out for their exemplary cuisine. Dénia has managed to preserve its local gastronomic traditions while at the same time introducing new innovative practices into its cooking.Spanish_gastronomy_course

The best ambassadors of Dianense cuisine are its restaurants and top chefs, notably the highly regarded Quique Dacosta (with three Michelin stars), considered the 39th best restaurant in the world or Baret de Miquel Ruiz Laureate, among many other great quality professionals.

Dénia products, have played a key role in receiving this award: the variety of seafood, fruit crops and rice together with their dedication in promoting the Mediterranean diet and of course traditional food.

Study a Spanish language and gastronomy course in Dénia

Gastronomy is a fundamental element of the tourism of Spain. Students who come to Denia to learn Spanish become followers not only of the Spanish language and culture but also the gastronomy.

In Denia, lovers of the Spanish language and mediterranean gastronomy can combine both passions with a course of Spanish and Gastronomy organised by TLCdenia.


The Spanish and Gastronomy course consists of language classes in the mornings followed by a culinary program in the evenings, with meditarranean cooking workshops, visits to food businesses, vineyards and wine tastings. The course is 1, 2 or 3 weeks and start dates are available betweeen 12 June to 1 July.

To learn Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in a destination which is both suitable and and has a gastronomic reputation such as the city of Denia is definitively a privilege.

(If you want to attend this program, do it before March 31st and get yourself a discount of 10 %. More information available in Spanish & Gastronomy course )