The fact that Spanish is the second most spoken language as a mother tongue is a crucial reason that drives millions of students to undertake the wonderful journey of learning Spanish. This motive is essential, but in TLCdénia we know that the reasons to learn Spanish are much more diverse.

We have found, throughout our years of experience, that there is an enormous bond with the language and this is the reason why, every year, students from around the world pack their bags for a stay in Spain combining holidays and an Spanish intensive course.

“Why learn Spanish?” Is one of the most frequently asked questions during the first day of class in TLCdénia. The responses of our students always give us a smile:

1. “I love Spain” It is the destination that moves students to study the language; a good experience in Spain or Latin America feeds the desire to return and learn Spanish. Our city also invokes passion and never leaves anyone indifferent.


2. “The Spanish and Hispanic people are very friendly” Some of our students explain that in Spain and Latin America the friendliness of the people is what encouraged them to learn their language. We continually hear statements like: “People greet you with a smile and it’s a shame not to communicate with them in Spanish.”


3. “Spanish food is my favorite” It is well known that Spanish cuisine is a triumph well beyond its borders and many of our students are not only big fans of the Spanish culture and language, but also its cuisine.

This interest is based not only on the pleasure of tasting the dishes of the country, but of learning more about the Spanish food culture. Our diet is world renowned for being so healthy, which is recognized as PATRIMONIO CULTURAL DE LA HUMANIDAD

Furthermore, Denia was named Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO and it is therefore not surprising that foreigners seize the opportunity to improve their Spanish while learning our culinary arts, thanks to our course: “Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.”


Students during the Spanish & Gastronomy course

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Book 5 weeks’ intensive course and get 1 additional week for free!Spanish_course_discountStudents who book an intensive course of 5-10 weeks get one additional course week for free! This offer applies to bookings of minimum 5 weeks, intensive course with accommodation starting between August 15th and October 31st 2016.

Bookings need to be made before 29th February.

This discount cannot be applied to previous bookings nor course extensions. Immediate payment, non refundable.

During a 12 week intensive course of Spanish at TLCdénia you can start at A1 beginner level and finish at the beginning of B1 level. It is a very complete course for all levels.

Are you motivated to learn a new language in 2016?

We have a great discount for you!


beginning in January 2016:

Intensive Spanish course 20: 1,500 € (before, 1,660 €)
Intensive Spanish course 20 lessons per week from Monday to Friday.

Intensive Spanish course 20+ Accommodation: 2,490 € (before, 2,740 €)
Accommodation in single room in shared apartment in the city center and, 5 minutes from the school.

Terms & conditions:

- Course duration: 12 weeks (beginning in January 2016)
- Valid for new bookings received until 18th December 2015.
- Discount cannot be applied to previous bookings nor courses extensions.
- Immediate payment, non refundable
- Continuous weeks without breaks.

In order to get this discount you have to mention: “LONG TERM COURSE DISCOUNT 2016″
Contact us:

We hope to see you soon!

Book before 31st August and get 10% off on your Spanish course + accommodation from October to December

Terms & conditions:
- Bookings of course + accommodation (private apartment or sharedflat)
- Course duration: minimum 2 weeks of course + accommodation (in October, November or December)
- Valid for new bookings received until 31st August.
- Discount cannot be applied to previous bookings.

Choose your Spanish course and enjoy learning in Spain!





Although summer is soon to arrive and with it our long-awaited holidays, there is always a part of us that wants to make the most of the time we have. Being near the beach is of the utmost importance for most families during the summer period and it is often what governs the final choice of destination.

Year in, year out Denia is a holiday hotspot and TLCdénia bares witness to the needs of so many families who are committed to learning and improving their Spanish or English, while enjoying their dream holiday.

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